5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Linux!

Image from The Redmond Cloud

1. Your Computer is Slow!

The first reason why you should switch to Linux is that your computer is running terribly slow… So slow that you can barely use it any longer! One of the greatest benefits of Linux is that it is able to resurrect old computers. Linux operating systems aren’t infused with any magic, but they are usually much smaller and use far fewer computer resources than traditional operating systems like Windows and macOS.

2. You Want to Customize!

One of the greatest benefits of Linux is that it’s completely customizable! If you’re someone that loves to tinker or mess around with customization options then Linux could be a great fit for you! If you’re very tech savvy and experienced with coding you can change almost every single aspect of your Linux experience… graphical interface, windows manager, package manager, file system, themes, docks, you name it, and you can change it in Linux. If you’re not into altering or compiling code, there are still a huge amount of customization features available to you in most Linux distributions. For example, in the Linux distribution Manjaro KDE, just through the settings menus, you can change the entire graphical theme of your computer (which includes the taskbar, windows control buttons like minimize/maximize, application icons, etc…). You can also add various widgets to your desktop and manipulate the behaviour your operating system. Some people, me included, get a bit overwhelmed by too many customization options. If this is the case for you, there are other Linux distributions like Elementary OS that provide their users with a curated, polished graphical user interface that only allows you to change themes, switch to dark/light mode, and other smaller customization options. Linux allows the user to design their computer interface however THEY want. Compared to Windows, where you can only really change your background and outline colours, Linux is another level with its customization… if you want it, Linux can usually do it.

The Linux distribution Elementary OS (5.1 Hera). This distribution is very reminiscent of macOS. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

3. You Value Privacy!

In our digital world today with Facebook, Microsoft, and other big tech companies selling user data, more and more people are becoming privacy-conscious and looking to distance themselves from big tech for more private alternatives. Most of the popular Linux distributions are very privacy-conscious and are largely developed by community funded projects and like-minded groups of individuals, not big tech companies looking to profit. They don’t steal your data, force you to submit diagnostic information, or secretly send information back to the creators like Microsoft does with Windows. Almost all aspects of Linux are open-source which means that tech sleuths would be able to determine if certain developers or companies were injecting malicious code into the operating system to spy on users. If you value your privacy and want to stop supporting big tech companies that sell your data, Linux is perfect for you!

4. It’s FREE!

Almost all of Linux is free and open-source! You do not need to pay an activation fee or buy a subscription to use Linux. Even the apps are almost all free! A great part of Linux is that some distributions give you the option of paying for apps or supporting the development of a distribution. If you want to use an app, you can download it for free. Later on, if you find yourself enjoying the app and want to support the creators, you have the option of paying them whatever you believe the app to be worth. It’s a great feature of some distributions like Elementary OS because it allows users to test out applications before supporting financially. Free and open-source Linux operating systems are a clear choice compared to Microsoft who charges $140 for Windows 10 Home and $200 for Windows 10 Pro.

5. There Are Many Alternative Applications!

One major concern people have about switching to Linux from Windows or Mac is that they won’t be able to use their essential applications. It’s true… you cannot use Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, or other proprietary software on Linux. However, don’t let this discourage you from switching to Linux as there are plenty of free and open-source alternative applications for all your essential needs. Libre Office is one example. Libre Office Suite is a complete replacement of Microsoft Office Suite that has all the same features, for FREE! Microsoft Office 365 costs roughly $70 per year, whereas Libre Office costs… nothing! With Libre Office you get an open-source version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. It might take some getting used to, but all the same functionality of Microsoft Office is available for free on Linux. Another example of alternative applications is GNU Image Manipulation Program or GIMP. GIMP is a free and open-source replacement for Adobe Photoshop. Again, there might be a beginner’s learning curve when switching to GIMP, but the program has all the same features as Photoshop, available for free! With the hundreds of free and open-source apps available on Linux, you’ll likely be able to find a replacement for almost all your Windows or macOS software!


Those are my 5 reasons why I think you should switch to Linux! In my opinion, Linux has something for everyone. There are hundreds of different Linux distributions so I’d recommend jumping in and trying out the ones that catch your eye! You’ll hopefully find something that you really like. If not, you can always learn to change your Linux system to your liking or even go back to Windows or macOS. Why not give Linux a try!

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